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So, I haven't updated my blog in loooong while but today is a new day and so much has happened over the past 9 months. One thing in particular is a wonderful collaboration with the Classic Brothers.
The story goes something like this...

About 4 years ago on my quest into the depths of myspace I ran across a page with some funky beats that really captured my ear. I begged this fellow myspace user who resided in the Netherlands, to "pretty please" send me some beats to write to. With hesitation he did so and with motivation I wrote what was one of many versions to a song that would eventually be titled "Floatin". This lovely gentleman, who goes by the name of Merlin and is one half on the Classic Brothers, dug what I wrote and that was that.

Let's zoom 2 years later... I'm on the road with Macy Gray and we happen to be living in Antwerpen, Belgium for 2 months and I suddenly remember that Mr. Merlin lives only a short distance from Amsterdam....soooooo I begged Macy's driver to "pretty please" take me to this strange man's studio in a foreign country so that I can record this song with him in person (we had been exchanging ideas via garageband). Being the expert beggar that I am he gave in and took me...with Macy in tow(she wasn't gonna let me go alone!). I recorded the song and it was lovely. A few months later he sent me another track which I then wrote while working in Jamaica which would be titled "Beast". The Classic Brothers, Merlin & Bob, loved the song and so I recorded it professionally in the states and sent them the files.

Fast Forward a year and a half...The Classic Brothers get signed to Magnetron Music and the rest is history... aka I have two songs on their debut album!

With that said, check out the music video for a song the song titled "Beast" off the Classic Brothers debut Album, "Off".


  1. Hi Erica,

    Just a quick little note. Congrats with your single and other songs with the classic brothers! I'm a good friend of Merlijn and produced/edited the teasers etc. Really nice work ya'll!!! The Beast is going STRONG here in the Netherlands! Good luck with your music and maybe see you in the future! (=live performance with the classic brothers i'll say!)

    Cheers! Chee-Han

  2. awesome! Thank you, I hope to meet you soon. Great work on the teasers. :-)