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MUSICAL COLORS/Open letter to Kelis

I remember being 12 years old blasting "Caught Out There" in my room whenever my parents wouldn't let me have my way. Kelis, you were easily my favorite artist for the greater part of my early teens and even now. Kaleidoscope made me wanna rock my curls big and Pharrells voice would melt my 12 year old heart every time. Last year I saw you perform in Dubai at a birthday party and my 21 year old heart only grew more keen for you Ms. Jones (formerly Ms. Rogers). Your album "Tasty" was not my favorite but I still bought it without hesitation because like I said, I love you girl and you are, no lie, my first girl crush. However, we need to talk girl. What is going on with the video below and the song in general? I've stuck by you but this I cannot get with. From songwriter to songwriter....WHAT IS GOING ON?? Let me join your writing team and help bring back the Kelis we all grew to love! Don't get me wrong, I am all about progression and expression as an artist but your progressing into a Golden Avatar with overly written lyrics and it's upsetting me. I'm upset. Please don't disappoint me.



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