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I'm stalking "I Blame Coco". I'm not denying it. She's SUPER dope and you all need to listen to her. Coco is the daughter of legendary artist, Sting, and you can hear his voice in hers. However, don't get confused... Miss Coco has a sound all her own and it's addictive. See below for her video with the equally addictive, Robyn, for her song titled "Caesar". Can you say girl crush?

check out diplos remix of Caesar
One last thing from I Blame Coco. Go to her myspace page and listen to "Self Machine" FIREEEE 

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  1. wow. . . u know that churning feeling in yer stomach u get when you discover a new artist that you KNOW is legit?? i just felt that. thanks for putting me onto this chick.. she's dooooope!